Artist Statement

These sculptures are an articulation of some of the images that have been percolating through my mind for the past couple of decades.

The early pieces such as Cold Spring and Mars II evolved from the natural shape and consistency of the stone; I let the stone inform the design. What emerged were ovoid organic forms with a few distinct edges evoking the tension of a seed or pod on the verge of bursting. Over time these pod forms have given way to more anthropomorphic sculptures. Mambo and Sentry retain the pod shapes, but also include elements which reference pre-christian mythologies. My working process is a combination of planning and spontaneity. I develop a general idea with sketches and styrofoam models, but the final design arrives through the carving process.

Russell Broughton - Stone Sculpture - Cold Spring Russell Broughton - Stone Sculpture - Mars II Russell Broughton - Stone Sculpture - Mambo Russell Broughton - Stone Sculpture - Sentry

Russell Broughton passed away in Vancouver, Canada in 2013

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